Air Conditioning Heating Repair

Air conditioning heating repair; knowing when your unit is broken

The AC unit is supposed to make sure that cool, clean and fresh air is being supplied in your house at all times. Many are the times when people do not realize that an AC unit is failing till it falls apart completely. The problem with having to deal with an inefficient conditioner are many, one of them being the fact that the unit will be consuming more energy than it should. Here are some of the things that can act as an indicator that your AC unit is failing and whether it is time to get air conditioning heating repair.

Compressor issues

When the AC unit is running, it hums with a particular distinctive sound. If you want to find out whether the compressor is working the way it is supposed to, you should use the selector to fan and the speed to low. Power on the AC unit and listen to the sound that it makes. Turn the selector knob to cold and listen to the sound again. If there is no difference in the sound that the unit produces, there is a high possibility that the compressor isn’t working. At this point, calling us to help you figure out what could have caused the problem with the unit will help fix it in time.

Issues to do with the motor

A simple test that you can perform in order to figure out whether the motor is working involves selecting fan on the knob and turning the power on at a high speed. Listen to the sound that comes out. After sometime, turn off the power and remove the plug from the wall. If the humming sound continues and there is no air coming out of the forward facing grille, the motor could have failed.

Filter issues

The other common problem with AC units is the filters. The filters should be cleaned or replaced all the time. If they aren’t changed, you may face problems such as stuffiness in the house and lack of cool air in the house. If the filters have accumulated too much dust, they should either be replaced or cleaned. When the filters aren’t cleaned, the dirt particles they have accumulated become dislodged and start circulating around the home, leading to stuffiness.

Problems with the thermostat For Heating And Cooling:

More often than not, when we go to  HVAC system problems in the home, we end up finding out that it is simply the thermostat that is not working as it should. Sometimes, it takes a simple process such as adjusting the thermostat. In case the cooling of air condition is not working, replace it will help to restore and order in the home. The repair of  bone heating and cooling | air condition should be done under the supervision of a trained and experienced contractor. Our company in Festus MO ensures that we send out the most experienced men to your home for the installation task.

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